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showreel 2023
Lidia Ravviso

showreel 2023

Fotografi - Sky Arte

Fotografi's trailer. Produced by Sky Arte.

Line Producer: Todos contentos yo también

VIDEO EDITOR: Lidia Ravviso

Style - Zoe Kravitz

Inside the phone of Zoe Kravitz Camera Roll - The Sunday Times Style.

FILMMAKER: Lidia Ravviso

World Press Photo 2009 - Pietro Masturzo

Italian freelance photographer Pietro Masturzo won the prestigious World Press Photo prize for his picture of women taking part in night-time protests on a Tehran rooftop. Enjoy a glimpse into his photographic work.

Produced by WOKA

Producer : Lidia Ravviso

La risata di una iena - Clementino

Fourth music video from the album "I.E.N.A." 

Produced by Relief Records EU/Universal

Filmmakerr : Lidia Ravviso

Queer Fighters of Ukraine

Watch Huck Docs’ film on the LGBTQ+ Ukrainians fighting for community and their country amid Russia’s full-scale war.

Produced by HuckDocs.


VIDEO EDITOR: Lidia Ravviso


Extract from Unstoppable documentary

Produced by 11LittleFilms, Woka 2016

FILM DIRECTOR: Lidia Ravviso

Tigers of Guca

Since 1961, in the small town of Guca, the Trumpet Festival takes place. Five days of music, dancing and heavy drinking. Fifty years of stories and trumpets, that tell the complex and grievous recent history of the Balkans. The undisputed masters of the trumpets are the Gypsies. They're not able to read the notes and they don't have orchestra leaders but, as Miles Davis said, they are the best trumpet-players in the world.

Documentary produced by RAT, 2012

EDITOR : Lidia Ravviso

Stefano De Luigi  - Sky Arte

For the iconic series Fotografi, a special portrait of the photo reporter Stefano De Luigi.

Produced by Sky Arte 2013-2015

EDITOR : Lidia Ravviso

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