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The spectacle is not 
a collection
of images,
but a social relation among people
mediated by 

Guy Debord


Creative Producer | Film Director | Senior Video Editor


I am a Creative Producer, Film Director, Senior Video Editor with a long standing career in the arts, film production and post-production, and entertainment. 


My expertise is in film writing, directing, shooting, editing and producing, as well as creating and producing engaging projects and events. 

Passionated at turning ideas into engaging storytellings and formats.

I wrote, directed and edited feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos and fashion films. 

Storytelling  Film Direction  Video Editing
Creative Vision  Film Production 

Post Production Television  Documentary 

Fashion Video Corporate

Music Video   Feature    Short Films

Auditions Scripts  Location Scouting

Teams Supervision

My practice

Lidia Ravviso

Intimacy Coordinator

I have a few experiences on set as IC and I'm currently training in Italy with Safe Sets and Anica Academy in collaboration with Netflix Italy and Sky as a Certified Intimacy Coordinator

Discover more about my journey.


Curatorial Practices  Exhibitions Pop-ups

Events  Festivals  Panels  Programmes

Network Virtual Reality Metaverse

Artistic Director and founder of 

Uncensored Festival  Glimpsesartgency


Female and Queer Gaze Transfeminism 

Empowerment  Community
Diversity  Urban Tribes 

Safe Spaces  Safe Sets  Safe Practices 

Intimacy Coordination   Training 

Networks  Teams  ICItaly

Over the last ten years,
my artistic and curatorial practice 
have been focused on developing expertis
in erotica, body and sex-positivity
from a female and queer perspective.


Promoting freedom of expression and a progressive politics of pleasure is at the heart of everything I do; from research to cultural events and filmmaking.


I have explored these ideas through writing, directing and producing films; programming and being part of panel discussions, workshops and events that create spaces of communication for audiences; offering specialist support and guidance to performers and crews operating with sensitive content.

My film production and curatorial practice in erotica has been featured in film festivals, magazines and academic publications. I curated and directed film programmes, festivals and art exhibitions.

Clients &

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Recent Works


Watch Huck Docs’ film on the LGBTQ+ Ukrainians fighting for community and their country amid Russia’s full-scale war.

Directed by Alex King / Edited by Lidia Ravviso (July 2023)

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